CyMatik is an independent artist from the NorthWest corner of the United States. Born & raised near the great city of Seattle, about 1 hour north in the historic town of Bellingham,WA. It is here in his hometown where Hip-Hop is quickly becoming the spotlight for touring artists across the globe. In 1989 at an early age CyMatik was introduced to Hip-Hop by his older brother who was a young inspiring outside of the box type thinking musician. Needless to say CyMatik has been an emcee ever since. Over the years he has released several projects & performed at numerous venues with many platinum selling artists. His focus today is to create cutting edge music & bring forth innovative styles to the listeners with a unique flavor. Using his own life experiences as well as those around him, CyMatik has developed a passion for recording & carved out his own pathway to produce real intuitive music for the world to enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!